Grow Fruit Trees

Ripening figs
Ripening figs from a container grown plant.

There is an impressive variety of fruiting and nut bearing plants that can be successfully grown in our area including:

Apple – Apricot – Blackberry – Buffalo Berry -Nanking Cherry – Sour & Sweet Cherry – Chestnut – Currant – Elderberry – Fig – Grapes – Hazelnut – Hickory – Highbush Cranberry – Juneberry – Medlar – Mulberry – Pawpaw – Peach – Asian & European Pear – Northern Pecan – Native Persimmon – European, Native & Hybrid Plums – Quince – Sea Buckthorn – Raspberry – Rose – Strawberry  – Black Walnut – plus many more.

Click on our Fruit Variety Comparison Chart for more information.

Ripe plums.
Ripe plums.

Some basic principles for successful fruit tree cultivation and production are as follows:

  • Selecting appropriate varieties, including ones with good disease resistance
  • Evaluating potential planting sites for appropriate sunlight, drainage, soil, proximity to structures & walkways, distance from other trees, etc.
  • Selecting rootstocks appropriate for our climate and specific location
  • Pruning
  • Watering newer trees until they are established
  • Addressing potential pest issues
  • Harvesting at the correct time

We will continue to add useful resources to help our community successfully grow more fruit trees – this includes resource links and resource files.     Click on Fruit Tree Growing Basics for more information on this topic.

See the RESOURCE LINK page for a complete list of resources.