Similar Projects

Similar Projects, Mostly In North America

Not only do these sites talk about their various community projects, many of them also have some very good links and resources that are good to know about.   See also the Food Security page for urban agriculture resources.


Food News: Urban Fruit Gleaning – Portland Group – Excellent video on community harvesting  YouTube video

Ken Meter: Building a Local Food Economy (part 1 of 3)YouTube video

Planting Trees – Fallen Fruit -Good intro video  YouTube video


Giving Grove, Kansas City, Missouri

Alliance for Community Trees

The Backyard Harvest Washington, Idaho, California

Beacon Food Forest- Seattle Washington.

The Bountiful Cities Project – Ashville, NC - To create, on urban land, beautiful community spaces that produce food in abundance and foster a learning environment for social justice and sustainability.

Common Ground – Dorset, England -

Earthworks – Boston, MA – Extensively organized and useful site. They also have a very useful resource page.

Earth Matters – Youth Environmental Programs and Services -  Nelson, BC, Canada –  Good projects and resources.

East of England – Apples and Orchards Project – England

Fallen Fruit – Los Angeles – Informative video ‘Fallen Fruit – Plant the Perimeter You Tube video and Planting Trees – Fallen Fruit -Good intro video  YouTube video

Food Not Lawns – Promoting growing food producing plants in neighborhoods.

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation Click for mission statement

The Gleaners Coalition – Olympia, WA -

Heartland Tree Alliance – Kansas City – An affiliate of Bridging the Gap.

Lettuce Link via Solid Ground – Seattle WA –  CLICK HERE Organized harvesting and redistribution of fruit.

LifeCycles Fruit Tree Project  – Victoria, BC, Canada

Bloomington Community Orchard

Madison Fruits and Nuts – Madison WI –

North End Neighbours - A local neighborhood project called the Hamilton Fruit Tree Project is listed here.

Philadelphia Orchard Project – Philadelphia, PA – They plant orchards in Philadelphia.  Community organizations own, maintain and harvest the crops.  They have a good list of links to other projects here.

Portland Fruit Tree Project – Portland, OR -     Portland Fruit Tree Project provides a community-based solution to a critical and growing need in Portland and beyond – access to healthy food.

The Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project – Richmond, BC, Canada   Local links, brochure, surplus fruit distribution, etc.

Tree Folks – Austin, TX Programs include 1) Grant program for individuals, schools   2)  Education   3)  Sapling Days in October.  4)  Urban Orchard  5)  NeighborWoods – combating heat island effect

Tree Link    29 reasons for growing trees at this link –

Tree People – Los Angeles, CA Training on care and planting of trees, works with school children and adults, water usage issues, etc.   Large organization.

21 Acres – Woodinville, WA -  Our mission is to cultivate, demonstrate and advance systems that support sustainable agriculture.

The Vancouver Fruit Tree Project – Vancouver, BC, Canada -  They work to increase access to fresh local fruit throughout Vancouer.   They harvest and distribute fruit.

Village Harvest – Santa Clara Valley, California

Additional Link Pages

1) Local Organizations

2) Similar Projects

3) a) Fruit Info Sites   b) Special research tools

4) Food Security

5) Local Nurseries and Orchards

6) Mail Order Nurseries, Supplies

7) Web Articles – Fruiting Plants

8) Book Recommendations

9) Schoolyard programs


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