Mail Order Fruit Tree Nurseries

Mail Order Nurseries, Supplies

Adams County Nursery – apple, pear, peach, plum, cherry and some disease resistant types.  Especially affordable when purchasing a larger amount of trees.  Aspers, PA

ARBICO - organic pest control products.

Arbor Day Foundation – trees, programs, information.

Badgerset – Hazel nut and chestnuts. Hazel research and the main page

Big Horse Creek Farm – Antique and heirloom apple trees

Blossom Creek Nursery – Pawpaws

Burnt Ridge Nursery- diverse selection of fruiting plants. Good prices. Plants can sometimes be on the smallish side.

Cummins Nursery- Specializing in apples (some disease resistant selections), Asian & European pears, apricots, plums, etc. Good resource information also. Also a good place to buy small quantities of rootstocks, including the latest Geneva rootstocks.

Edible Landscaping – diverse selection. plants sold in pots, not bare root thus this nursery has an extended shipping season. More expensive than most.

Fedco – a cooperative nursery with a very diverse selection of fruit trees, some that are more unusual.

Gardens Alive – Environmentally responsible pest control products.  Click here

Grandpa’s Orchard- Quality nursery stock of apples, pears, cherries, peaches, plums and apricots. Good selection of apple and pear rootstocks for the back yard orchardist.

Great Lakes IPM – Insect controls, etc

Hartmann’s Plant Company – blueberry and some other fruiting plants

Hidden Springs Nursery -Small but broad selection of fruiting plants. Focus on low maintenance tree crops. Good prices but plants are usually quite small. You can find Che, and jujubes here.  Cookeville, TN

Indiana Berry – small fruit plants, berries –

Jung Seed Company – fruits and other plants

Kansas Forest Service – For ordering conservation seedlings.   Some fruiting trees are available such as pecan, black walnut, American plum, and choke cherry.

Miller Nurseries – a variety of fruits

Missouri Department of Conservation George O. White State Forestry Nursery- Excellent selection of mostly Missouri native seedling trees. Sold in bundles of 25. Includes native fruit trees like paw paw and persimmon. Also good for broad acre applications, reforestation, and wind breaks.

Nolin River Nut Tree Nursery – a good selection of hard to find varieties of black walnut, northern pecan, hickory varieties, persimmon, pawpaw, etc.

Oikos Tree Crops – Many open pollinated fruiting plants. All seedlings or vegetatively propagated plants, no grafted trees. Great for paw paws and persimmons, and nut trees.   A very diverse selection.

One Green World – Diverse selection of fruiting trees, vines shrubs bushes and more.

Peng Nursery and Orchards CO. , Overland Park, Kansas. Specializing in Chinese fruit trees and vegetable seeds. Jujubes.

Pense Nursery – Berry plants.  Arkansas

Pikes Peak Nurseries- Seedlings of ornamentals, conifers, and nitrogen fixing trees. Good for broad acre applications and windbreaks. Trees sold in bundles of 30.

Raintree Nursery – A very diverse selection of fruiting plants. Best selection of rootstocks for the home orchardist. Many hard to find plants. Very good quality.

St. Lawrence Nurseries – Northern climate fruit and nut trees.   Apples, plums, pears, juneberries, currants, and much more.  Potsdam, NY

Seed Savers Exchange – Their annual exchange catalog is a good way to find and trade scion wood plus other heirloom seed.

Southmeadow Fruit Gardens – A diverse selection of fruiting plants including apples, pears, cherries, currants, etc.  Baroda, MI

Trees of Antiquity – A diverse selection of fruiting plants

Vintage Virginia Apples – Apples, pears, plums, quince.

Whitman Farms – A variety of fruiting plants and a large selection of currants.

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